s100 line
product details

one-piece toilet

The S100 LINE one-piece toilet offers the ideal combination of attractive design and affordability, perfect for smart and efficient urban living.

While simple and cost-efficient, the toilet features INAX’s thoughtfulness that makes everyday life easier and more comfortable. The toilet bowl is made with INAX’s proprietary AQUA CERAMIC technology, which prevents the attachment of waste and the build-up of black watermarks, ensuring long-term use and shine. As the bowl is rimless, it will only require a quick sweep to keep it shiny, liberating you from the burden of daily toilet cleaning. Its Single Vortex 5.0 / 3.5L dual flush ensures complete flushing while saving water. The INAX Blue color appears when the flushing button is pushed, indicating the function being used and giving a hygienic impression.

The soft-close lid is designed to lower gently and quietly, preventing unnecessary and annoying slamming noise from occurring. Cleaning of the lid requires no effort, as the surface is entirely smooth with no hinge connection. The toilet is fully skirted with smooth ceramic sides, featuring a gentle TENSION curve that is visually attractive and easy to clean.

This product is highly durable, meeting strict Japanese quality standards, and its attractive form is sure to appeal to all. As its timeless design suits a broad range of interior styles, the toilet will look smart not only upon its initial installation but also years down the road when you decide to remodel your bathroom.


The S100 LINE basins offer excellent functionality for everyday life.

While small enough to fit perfectly even in tiny urban bathrooms, the S100 LINE basins feature INAX’s heritage of craftsmanship, innovation, and thoughtful design. Using SQUOVAL as the motif, the corners are curved to prevent any pain from accidental bumps.

The ceramic basins have a flat deck where you can place daily-use items such as a soap dish or a toothbrush holder to the very edge. The deck is also designed with a meticulously calculated, unnoticeable incline, which ensures any water spill flows into the bowl.

Japanese keen attention to detail is also evident in the precise position of the overflow hole, allowing the basins to hold the maximum possible amount of water to provide sufficient depth for a compact bowl while preventing spillage. The durable basins are also made with our AQUA CERAMIC technology that prevents dirt from attaching to the surface, which makes it effortless to retain the shine.

Installing an S100 LINE basin with a matching basin mixer from the collection is sure to give you the joy of having a coordinated and functional bathroom that makes everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

The wall-hung basin comes with a matching semi-pedestal. The curved shape is designed to flow naturally with the basin, and the subtle surface transition makes it easy to clean.

basin mixers

The S100 LINE basin mixers feature thoughtful soft curves consistent across INAX’s S-LINE collection.

Not only is it a universally appealing design, but the shape is also safer to use for every age group, minimizing the discomfort often associated with sharp-edged designs. The mixer handle is easy to grip with a subtle indentation on the back. The gentle TENSION curve that repels water prevents limescale marks from forming on the surface. The VOLCANO shape at the foot of the faucet makes it easy to clean and maintain.

shower systems

The S100 LINE shower systems feature smooth curves, making them safer to use for every age group.

The curved design ensures a sleek look that matches various interior styles while reducing the risk of discomfort and injuries from accidental bumps. The gentle TENSION curve is also designed to repel water, preventing limescale marks from forming on the surface. Subtly indented on the back, the mixer handle is easy to grip.