The Royal Park Hotel, Tokyo Haneda

Guests enter The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda through a gateway built entirely of leather suitcases.

Travelers at Haneda Airport no longer have to dread overnight layovers – all thanks to a new Royal Park Hotel THE Series built directly into the International Terminal. Guests enter through a gateway built entirely of leather suitcases to find a space that breathes elegant, understated comfort. As a unique touch, each of 313 guest rooms showcases an original work of art.

Building inside the airport itself meant incorporating some unusual features – one of them includes a transit hotel with 17 rooms so that passengers in transit can spend the night without passing through customs.

Built directly into the International Terminal.

»It’s a special space that can’t be found anywhere else. It exceeded original conception!«

The Home Spa Suite is one of the suites housed on the 8th and top story of the hotel, the so-called premium floor.
In the middle of one room sits LIXIL‹s five-star bath, FoamSpa. Neither air bubbles nor soap suds, but microscopically fine “velvet foam” with a consistency of whipped cream cradles the bather and seals the bather in hydration. Those who enjoy reading in the bath can rejoice, since the foam also cuts down on steam. In fact, with its soft, cushioned finish, FoamSpa tub is a boon to all who prefer to combine soaking with other relaxing activities. The suite also uses Ecocarat tiles, which excel at absorbing and controlling humidity, odor, and toxic substances, enabling a novel layout that places the bathing area at the center of the room.

In addition, the lounge and sleeping spaces surrounding the bathing area are furnished with choice drapes and carpeting by Kawashima Selkon, part of the LIXIL family of companies. Artwork featuring textiles by Kawashima Selkon‹s in-house designer, Sumiko Honda, provides the finishing touch.

Lie back wrapped in velvet foam and watch flights in colors of the world come and go. Enjoy the unique languor of a stay in the Home Spa Suite.

Guests can overlook the airport from couches by Porsche and Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama. The transparent glass partitions between the bathroom and bedroom bring a sense of an integrated room.

The bathrooms in the Home Spa Suite are fitted with INAX spa tubs and Satis shower toilets. Satis S and Satis G models were chosen for their functionality, reliability, and comfort.