19 May 2020


自古以來,日本人就在其生活空間中享受著自然光和陰影交織的精緻之美。 即使在充滿光線的現代環境,此概念也活用於建築中。

31 March 2020

INAX品牌-推廣在家思維設計 2020年3月31日

Meet our 15 iF Design Award winning design concepts and products - with INAX leading the way

23 March 2020

邁向2020年,日本先進的洗手間空間「REST and」在鹿島足球體育場開幕!

LIXIL Co., Ltd. (“LIXIL”), together with Kashima Antlers FC Co., Ltd. (“Kashima Antlers”), launched an innovative Japanese restroom concept space at the Kashima Soccer Stadium, named “REST and,” on Friday, August 23, 2019, renewing the ladies’ facility in preparation for 2020.