Waterfall Villa

The INAX brand originated from manufacturing ceramic pipes and tiles. In developing the key visuals to represent the INAX brand vision worldwide, it was necessary to produce a creative space worthy of a global brand from Japan, incorporating the following elements:

- Harmony with nature
- Sense of connection with the outdoors through open air
- Walls that convey the high-quality textures of tiles
- Attractive display of SATIS, the main sanitary-ware product

Therefore, I attempted to create a space that would help imagine a new lifestyle that enjoys the benefits that water brings, by focusing on INAX’s innovative sanitary-ware SATIS and the function of the tiles in connecting human beings with nature.
In Japan, there is an aesthetic technique called “mitate” which uses matters symbolically to express something else, such as perceiving patterns made with white sand and pebbles as the flow of water in a Japanese garden. Incorporating the Japanese sensibility towards nature and using this technique of mitate, which is considered to have enriched Japanese culture, I designed a space that represents the image of the global brand that reflects INAX’s cultural background - a heritage of Japanese craftsmanship.

Imaging the tiles used on the side walls as waterfalls, the low wall attaching SATIS and the washbasin as a rock, and the floor as water surface, I configured a space which allows one to feel the abundance of nature, through the reflections in the windows and the floor, together with the pattern on the floor that symbolizes the flow of water. The overall landscape which is devised to reflect the delicate change in nature, allows one to experience its wonder and mystique, such as the change in natural light depending on the season or the time of day, whether under sunny or cloudy skies or upon sunrise and sunset. With both a nostalgic and a new feel, the minimal living space offers an environment where the greatest sense of well-being can be felt.
A comfortable and luxurious space where one can enjoy the view from the window and unite with nature. A reflection of the landscape with a dynamic rhythm, expanding the power and beauty of nature. A space that makes one imagine a comfortable lifestyle that connects people and nature. By using tiles that create the image of water, tiles that bring about reflections like the water surface, and tiles that look like soil, I endeavored to design an attractive space full of energy, that portrays all these elements.

Moriyuki Ochiai

Architect and Designer /

He established his own studio, Moriyuki Ochiai Architects that is active in architectural, interior,furniture,landscape and industrial design.
The sources of our inspirations come from being captivated by the vivacious and lively beauty of nature or life.
We can also feel the influence coming from the delicate sensitivity responding to the unique Japanese nature, which can be found in Japanese temples and gardens.
We wish to continue creating works that fulfill people's dreams, become the energy for their lives, and then move on to a deeper dimension that exceeds life itself.


Award :
■ 2017
A' Design Award 2017 Silver Winner (Italy)
A' Design Award 2017 Winner (Italy)
Archdaily Building of the Year 2017 nominee (US)

■ 2016
A' Design Award 2016 Silver Winner (Italy)
SBID International Design Award 2015 finalist (UK)
DOMUS magazine Best of Beauty Salon selected (Italy)
DOMUS magazine Best of School selected (Italy)
Archinect magazine-Ten Top Images / Kids Spaces-selected (USA)

■ 2015
INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Awards 2015 "Best of Year" (USA)
Restaurant & Bar Design Award 2015 1st PRIZE (UK)
German Design Award 2015 Special Mention
German Design Award 2015 Nominee
DOMUS magazine Best of Restaurants selected (Italy)
SBID International Design Award 2015 finalist (UK)

■ 2014
Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014 1st PRIZE (UK)
INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Awards 2014 Honoree (USA)
A' Design Award Winner (Italy)

■ 2013
INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Awards 2013 "Best of Year" (USA)
Red Dot Design Award 2013 (Germany)

■ 2012
iF Communication Design Award 2012 "GOLD AWARD" (Germany)
iF Communication Design Award 2012 (Germany)
Red Dot Design Award (Germany)
International Architecture Awards 2012 Shortlist (USA)

■ 2011
INTERIOR DESIGN Best of Year Awards 2011 "Best of Year" (USA)
Contractworld. Award 2011 Shortlist (Germany)

■ 2010
Design for Asia Awards 2010 Merit Award (HongKong)
Japan Kids Design Association Award 2010