Our Products

INAX manufactures many products – toilets, bathtubs, washbasins, faucets and tile – that are essential to the spaces in which people live. Through our products we feel intimately linked to the rewarding times people experience in those spaces and the rich relationships they form with others. Based on our commitment to three core pillars - "creativity," "technology," and "design," we aim to achieve, in every sense of the word, the smartest lifestyles possible. This is our wish and our fundamental policy of creation.

Pursuing Difference Japan Technology & Quality Is the Key

Used in the most intimate of settings, INAX products are conceived and created to enhance user comfort and cleanliness and contribute to better, smarter, sustainable lifestyles. We pursue difference through zero-based analysis to identify user needs and desires, harnessing Japan's advanced technology and proven quality to bring innovative products into people's lives.


An Innovative Interpretation of Toilet Design and Function

The graceful lines of the Satis S conceal unprecedented hygiene and comfort functions, combining beauty and tranquility in a compact form.Automatic air purification and deodorizing technology achieves a new level of cleanliness and comfort.A half-century after INAX introduced the first shower toilet seats in 1967, the evolution toilet design continues.


100 Years of Clean

Aqua Ceramic material is a milestone in the history of ceramics. Stubborn soil washes away with a simple flush. The smooth, stain-repellant surface prevents unsightly hard water buildup and spots, so the bowl stays fresh and gleams like new after cleaning. With this revolutionary development, whiteness and shine can last a century.

Triple Vortex Flush

Triple Jets Create Powerful Cleansing Flow

Triple vortex flush technology harnesses the force of three jets to powerfully and efficiently clean and flush the entire surface of the bowl, washing away waste. Combined with the stain repellant function of Aqua Ceramic, the result is an unprecedented level of hygiene.


Preserving a Pleasant Environment

Thorough deodorization of the toilet area is achieved by periodic automatic release of patented Plasmacluster ions. At predetermined times, purifying ions are emitted to completely sanitize the closed bowl (including areas around the nozzles and underneath the lid that are not cleansed by flushing), working in combination with deodorizer to eliminate odors and ensure peace of mind and comfort.

Plasmacluster and the Plasmacluster logos are registered trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

Air Shield Deodorizer

Odors Contained for Comfort

Air is circulated within the toilet bowl to create a powerful deodorizing effect. Circulating air prevents odors from escaping, keeping the toilet area fresh and pleasant.


Stylish Design Conceals Advanced Functions

An affordable way to add comfort to existing toilets, PASSO shower toilet seats offer a full range of comfort and hygiene features including Plasmacluster air purification, fully automated opening and closing, easy cleaning and energy saving features.


Envelop Yourself in a Gentle, Soothing Veil of Water

A constant recirculating flow of warm water creates a warming, soothing liquid veil that laves neck and shoulders to enhance your bathing experience. Built-in lighting highlights the flowing veil of water, creating an aesthetically pleasing, soothing home spa experience.

Water Pillar

Bringing the Hotspring Experience into the Home

The power of pelting water to soothe and loosen muscles is a pleasure previously confined to hotspring or spa resorts. The Aqua Tower Water Pillar adopts innovative water technology to let you enjoy an invigorating streaming spa cascade in the comfort of your home.

Automage G

Self-powered Automatic Faucet Is Attractive and Eco-friendly

Incorporating an optical fiber sensor, the hand-activated Automage G faucet shows off a simple, clean-lined profile that is visually appealing and easy to use. And it's self-powered as well: the built-in Aqua Energy hydroelectric generation system transforms the kinetic energy of running water into power to operate the automatic faucet.


Functional Interior Ceramics that Create a Healthier Living Environment

ECOCARAT interior ceramic tile is produced from a natural clay like mineral characterized by innumerable micro-pores. Attractive and functional, this distinctive interior treatment offers exceptional odor reduction and humidity and condensation control. It actually reduces harmful substances in the air, including volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and toluene. And in addition to enhancing air quality, ECOCARAT transforms walls into art.